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Global Lab Testing / March 02, 2021 / by beaconlbs

Traumatic Brain Injury Testing

The direct and indirect costs of medical diagnosis and treatment, in combination with lost productivity for mild TBI, may be greater than $60 billion annually.

Global Lab Testing / February 08, 2021 / by beaconlbs

Thyroid Disease Testing

Thyroid disease is estimated to affect 20 million people in the United States, with up to 60% being undiagnosed.

Global Lab Testing / December 09, 2020 / by beaconlbs

COVID-19 Testing

As the virus can be transmitted prior to the onset of symptoms, it is best to diagnose patients with COVID-19 prior to symptomatic onset to reduce the spread of the virus.

Global Lab Testing / October 15, 2020 / by beaconlbs

Cardiac Biomarkers

It is vital, as new discoveries are made in cardiac biomarkers, that well-designed studies that provide clinical validity and utility are published.

Global Lab Testing / June 11, 2019 / by beaconlbs

Biomarkers in Traumatic Brain Injury

Learn about what’s new in biomarkers for traumatic brain injury in our current blog.

Making Sense of Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Testing

Global Lab Testing / January 14, 2019 / by beaconlbs

Making Sense of Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Testing

Confusion exists the role of routine PSA testing in screening for prostate cancer. BeaconLBS answers your questions below in our blog about the history, role and evidence regarding routine PSA testing.

The Sunshine Vitamin D Testing

Global Lab Testing / January 31, 2017 / by beaconlbs

Vitamin D: The “Sunshine” Vitamin: Is testing for Vitamin D necessary?

In recent years, Vitamin D has been a headline in medical news - too much, too little, who is at risk, what about supplements, and is there a link to cancer or heart disease? Read below to learn more about Vitamin D and when to test.