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Molecular Genetics / January 07, 2021 / by beaconlbs

Molecular Testing for Respiratory and Gastrointestinal Infections

Molecular diagnostic testing panels now available to clinicians, have greatly improved patient care, treatment, and allowed enhanced antimicrobial stewardship.

Molecular Genetics / October 29, 2020 / by beaconlbs

Genetic Terminology

There are many genetic/genomic terms and concepts that should be understood by any clinician who is ordering these tests. The purpose of this article is to provide these definitions, which are used in CPT coding, to allow for more precise testing and reimb...

Liquid Biopsy in Cancer Diagnosis, Detection and Treatment

Molecular Genetics / June 11, 2019 / by beaconlbs

Liquid Biopsy in Cancer Diagnosis, Detection and Treatment

Recently, there has been much excitement about the potential for liquid biopsy’s possible applications in cancer detection, diagnosis, and treatment. Learn more about the current evidence of clinical utility of cell free DNA in our latest blog.

Universal Tumor Testing for Lynch Syndrome

Molecular Genetics / October 25, 2018 / by beaconlbs

Universal Tumor Testing for Lynch Syndrome – Why Does it Matter?

Lynch syndrome is responsible for up to 5% of colorectal cancer and endometrial cancer cases, and it is recommended that all related tumors been screened for the possibility of Lynch syndrome. Read more to learn about the benefits of universal tumor testin...

Expanded carrier screening

Molecular Genetics / October 25, 2018 / by beaconlbs

Expanded carrier screening; is more better?

There are many options available for genetic carrier screening for expectant parents, from a few diseases recommended by professional societies, to hundreds of rare diseases. Is more always better? Find out in our blog.

Couple listening to female therapist in couples therapy counseling session

Molecular Genetics / October 19, 2018 / by beaconlbs

Genetic counselors: Where are we from and where are we going?

Check out our blog on genetic counseling by guest blogger, Tiffany Turner. Tiffany has over 10 years of experience as a genetic counselor and she shares what the profession is about, and how she came to be a licensed, board certified genetic counselor.