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Insights / May 23, 2019 / by beaconlbs

MagnaCare Physicians can now Register for BeaconLBS Physician Decision Support

The content below has been mailed to MagnaCare providers as a reminder of the preliminary steps they should take to ensure readiness for the upcoming launch.

MagnaCare, a leader in health plan management services has entered into an agreement with BeaconLBS, a leader in point‐of‐care decision support technology, to bring the BeaconLBS’ Physician Decision Support® (PDS) platform to its network of physician and laboratory providers through its Laboratory Benefits Management program. With new advances in laboratory testing, especially for genetic tests, clinicians often find it challenging to select the right tests for their patients. The BeaconLBS PDS platform interfaces with electronic health records and lab ordering systems, providing physicians with convenient access to price transparency and evidence-based guidelines supporting their selection of the most appropriate test and laboratory facility for each patient. Beginning June 1, 2019, certain MagnaCare laboratory tests will be managed under the Laboratory Benefits Management program. This includes tests which require Prior Authorization (PA). PA requests can be created in the BeaconLBS PDS technology, instead of over the phone.

Before June 1, 2019, please register your practice in BeaconLBS’s PDS portal at This process is quick and straight-forward.

If you need assistance with registration, or if you have questions, please contact BeaconLBS at 800-377-8809. Or, you may send an e-mail to

In order to register for instructional webinars, please visit The drop-down menu contains a list of scheduled webinars.

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