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Complimentary Program Consultation

We can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your lab benefit management program though our Channel Evaluation process.


Channel Evaluation
Claim Data We assess claim data to identify utilization and unit cost issues, scoped at place-of-service 11, 19, 22, 81, par and nonpar providers. Unit cost and utilization costs are segregated at the market, product, test, rendering-lab, referring-MD, and par/nonpar levels.
CPT Pattern Analysis We assess the unit-cost and utilization performance of hard-to-identify tests through our proprietary CPT Pattern Analytics.
Lab Network We assess whether lab networks are optimally used by ordering physicians, and if not, we identify strategies to improve network value, including lab-test repricing through our Labs-of-Choice™ relationships.
Policy We array existing clinical and administrative policies against the data-analysis to assess if policies have been well-executed and if new policies should be added to existing policy portfolios.
Tests Based on the data analysis, we identify tests, and test-classes (molecular, toxicology, etc.), that may benefit from physician decision support and prior authorization.


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