Point-of-Care Technology

Point-of-Care Technology

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that nearly 14 billion lab tests are ordered annually. While lab testing represents only 2%-3% of total healthcare costs, it informs approximately 70% of medical treatment decisions thereby making quality test and lab selection a key determinant of quality patient outcomes. 

We provide advanced point-of-care technology that ensures that patients receive the right tests at the right lab at the right time so that patient care is optimized and affordable. 

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What Is Point-of-Care Technology?

Our point-of-care technology is available to physicians in existing office workflows including Lab and EHR test ordering systems, making it fast and convenient to complete prior authorization and advance notification processes. Our Physician Decision Support® (PDS) platform is integrated into more than 30 lab ordering systems and electronic health records (EHRs).

The platform can be presented under the unique health plan brand and customized to reflect a health plan’s preferred lab and managed test list, or test formulary.

Benefits of Point-of-Care Technology

Point-of-care technology helps clinicians make fast, effective testing decisions. Our point-of-care decision support platform can provide significant improvements to health plan lab performance, including:

  • 46% increase in physician compliance with evidence-based test ordering guidelines.
  • 19% reduction in out-of-pocket costs for patients.
  • 51% decrease in non-par lab use.

BeaconLBS has registered over 90% of labs nationwide (i.e. 1,127) and mapped over 290K tests using our proprietary test-mapping technology. In the absence of test mapping technology, health plans cannot precisely associate billed CPT Code Strings (CCS) to billed tests thereby making accurate policy application impossible. Since most tests are defined by non-standard strings of CPT codes, accurate test identification and policy application at the point of adjudication can be challenging. Our proprietary test mapping technology enables health plans to associate billed CPT Code Strings (CCS) to tests so that policies can be accurately applied and claims can be paid correctly.

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