Prior Authorization

Prior Authorization

Most health plans provide prior authorizations via phone, faxes and portal.  Beacon licenses its technology to health plans so that they can provide a modern and branded approach to administrating prior authorization that is 10x faster and increase your operational efficiency.  Using our licensed technology, physicians can perform prior authorizations on cloud technology and on lab and EHR test ordering systems, in addition to, traditional phone solutions. 

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Our Prior Authorization Services

We power health plans with modern and fast prior authorization and advance notification processes that are integrated into physician existing workflows, including lab and EHR test ordering systems.  As a result, prior authorizations can be completed in 30-seconds rather than the 10 minutes or more associated with traditional methods.  Additionally, digitized prior authorizations, not meeting clinical guidelines, can be reviewed in 30-seconds saving health plan medical directors’ hours of review time each week.

Our clinical policy team develops and maintains clinical policies based on evidence-based guidelines that support the prior authorization process. Our expert 16-member clinical advisory team reviews, edits, and finalizes clinical policies and algorithms that are subject to final approval by the health plan’s clinical advisory group for adoption as their own.  

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BeaconLBS provides an accurate and efficient prior authorization platform to help health plans save time and money on the process. If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact us today to request a demo.