Savings up to 20%

Savings up to 20%

When physicians are presented evidence based clinical information, lab facility quality information, and test pricing information as they are ordering tests in existing test order workflows, we have found that the quality and cost of test selection improves.  More than 50% of realized savings, therefore, is a result of changes in physician test ordering behavior, as it should be.  Our modern point-of-care technologies enable more informed decisions.

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How We Help You Save on Labs Testing

We power health plans with five key solutions that drive up to 20% in savings, mostly resulting from physician behavior changes.

Prior Authorization and Advance Notification 

  • Integrated into existing physician workflows
  • 5-10x faster than current prior authorization methods
  • Digitized cases enabling 30-second MD reviews 

Policy Management

  • 143 evidence-based clinical, quality, and administrative policies
  • A distinguished 16-member clinical advisory team

Preferred Lab Networks

  • Electronic integrations, pre-and post-test ordering
  • Preferred test pricing 
  • Quality testing, including CAP-accreditation, path 2nd reads and subspecialty review, electronic test ordering & results

Claim Editing

  • Sub-second claim edit review
  • Claims adjudicated in health plan environment

Test Identification and Mapping

  • 95% of U.S. labs registered and mapped

Our five key solutions produce a well-rounded portfolio of savings with physician behavior change leading the results.

A well-rounded portfolio of savings with physician behavior change leading the results.

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