Company Description: Clinical Reference Lab (General Testing)

BioReference Laboratory: Full Service Laboratory

BioReference Laboratories, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of OPKO Health, Inc., is the third largest clinical laboratory in the United States, utilized by healthcare providers in the detection and diagnosis of diseases. The BioReference family of laboratories includes GenPath Diagnostics, specializing in Oncology, Urology and Women‚Äôs Health, and GeneDx, a world renowned genetics laboratory specializing in rare and inherited disorders. As the healthcare landscape continues to shift, full service laboratories‚ÄĒthose that can provide not only the breadth of testing necessary, but also a positive customer experience‚ÄĒare more important than ever. As a full service laboratory, BioReference houses a large amount of data which can be leveraged to implement value-based care platforms and save patients and providers downstream costs, while delivering high quality patient care.¬†