Physician Decision Support Platform –  User Feedback

The mission of BeaconLBS is to modernize how healthcare is managed at the point of care. This is first and foremost in the mind of BeaconLBS Chief Designer Brian Fritz. Brian has over 20 years of experience as a user interface specialist for software and web applications and was responsible for creating the ICD-10 API, which is used by hundreds of hospitals and physician practices all over the world, and founding the Open Movie Database, which has millions of users.

Brian stays on the leading edge of design. He networks with some of the top designers in the field from Google and Amazon to bring innovations to the BeaconLBS platform. Some of the recent upgrades to the BeaconLBS Physician Decision Support (PDS) platform include smooth animations to transition cleanly between data fields, reliable loading regardless of the type of connection network, and an engaging, user-friendly environment.

Brian and his team research similar systems to identify best practices so that the BeaconLBS experience is not only pleasing, but users can get their work done quickly. BeaconLBS is developing a lab test ordering system to augment the PDS platform, and Brian’s team has designed it with efficiency in mind. A user can order a lab test for a new patient in half the time with fewer clicks and keystrokes than other commonly-used lab test ordering systems.

User feedback is critical to good design. Since BeaconLBS first launched the PDS in 2014, we have reached out to users through surveys and in-office interviews to understand how the PDS fits into their workflow and learn how we can make changes to improve the user experience. We ask about overall experience and usability of key features. If we discover a feature is not satisfactory for users or could be improved, we immediately start on design improvements. As you’ll see below in the graphs displaying the results of our most recent survey in the fall of 2018, this approach has paid off. The majority of users find the PDS easy to use.

bar graph of "how would you rate your overall experience using PDS?"

The majority of users find the tool easy to navigate.

bar graph of "how would you describe your ability to navigate through PDA?"

Users report it is easy to find the lab they are looking for.

bar graph rating "How would you describe your ability to select a Laboratory in PDS?"

Users can easily find a test.

bar graph of "How Would You Describe Your Ability to select a Test in PDS?"

BeaconLBS is not just about helping health plans, employers, and accountable care organizations better manage their lab testing spend. It is also modernizing the delivery of healthcare, making sure that people using our platform at the point of care have an innovative and engaging experience.


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